Apple new patent arriving with Magic Keyboard and in-built Mac; know the details

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Apple gets its new patent pass from the United States Patent and Trademark office (USPTO) hinting that the company will bring the keyboard for its Mac. Moreover, the company files this patent in the year 2020 where it plans innovative proposition of Apple portable computer in an input device. In addition, the company is researching about the portable devices that will provide high performance efficiency. The patent is of developing such compact PCs that may be efficient on the one go. Additionally, the company plans to bring more compact components in such bulky Apple Mac. Furthermore, as per the patent, the new keyboard will have processors, batteries, memory. Along with integrated circuits that offers same experience as the keyboard hooks upto monitor.

Moreover, the patent suggest that the magic keyboard will consist of heat conductive material. This will ensure better heat dissipation while using the device. In addition, there are also chances that this magic keyboard will be foldable becoming compact by nature. However, there is no hardware confirmation as well as there is no confirmation on the current research about this patent. Thus, in future the company’s further movement regarding this patent will confirm whether the company is working on it or not.

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