boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Ear-plug Review – 2020

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On one side there is value and others there is just a premium product. This one which boat makes is somewhat in the middle ground. The boat has been one of the rising companies and because it’s Indian brand folk here love this more, apart from that this is also a great product which happens to encapsulates all the praise Boat has been receiving lately. The boat has this special sound system which brings out the best mid and the lows, but the problem with these headphones the high isn’t clear, it’s somewhat lost, even the mid which it does a good job in, does not seem to be loud, it’s somewhat faded.


  • The drivers are fairly good sounding and are in the competition with headphones such as Realme earbuds.
  • They sound good and you should have no complaints at all because they are specially designed for casual everyday use.
  • They give out great audio output.
  • They never fail to deliver when you need to be isolated. If you are in a Caffe or on a flight but the noise is just way too much, this is your best buddy!
  • The great thing is they have very high-performance dynamic drivers with an unmatched sound signature in this price range of course.
  • 1 mins charge and you can have 45 mins play
  • Also, this is designed in such a way that it fits according to how your ears turn at the inside giving an excellent fit.
  • Has flat wires too.


  • Plastic built
  • The ear holders are uncomfortable and is better without it.

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