How to grow on TikTok?

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Over the past three years an app has been growing across the world under the radar to older users of Instagram, Facebook and twitter. TikTok, which originally started out life as a music video app has grown to amass a following of other 300 million users since its inception three years ago.

Whether you’re a business, brand or an influencer, you can’t ignore this applications prevalence, especially for the Gen Z user group, a demographic that is notoriously difficult to break into and market to.

Like any other social media platform, the key to effective marketing and brand awareness is to have an app with a large following and high engagement rates, so what are the best strategies to grow your TikTok account in 2020?

Hashtags are the currency of TikTok, without hashtags your content stands no chance of being discovered by other users. The more hashtags you use, the more visible you will become. It sounds simple in its most basic form, but you need to make sure that you are using the right hashtags for the job.

Any preparation that you put in will increase the visibility of your content, so it is worth the time evaluating and analysing what hashtags are trending. Look at users within your target market and demographic and see what they are using and make sure that you use the same.

You want to use hashtags that are relevant to your subject matter and not just jump on the bandwagon with hashtags that aren’t, if you do this you will be overlooked. Assess which hashtags are getting the best responses and highest level of engagement and build your content around that so the link between both is smooth and seamless.

Buying Followers and Likes

If you are starting out on TikTok and want to increase your following quickly, you can purchase followers to bolster your account. Buying followers is a good way to make your account look popular, which creates a snowball effect. The more popular your account looks, the more people will want to follow it and the higher your follower numbers become, but you can’t just buy followers on their own.

The key to popularity is engagement with your content, follower numbers may show you as being popular, but if you have 10,000 followers and 12 likes on your content, users will be aware that this is what you have done. You need to legitimise the purchase of followers by also purchasing likes, this is the key to making your content look popular and where many brands and businesses starting out get it wrong.

If it looks as though your content has a high level of engagement, more users are going to want to engage with it and the cycle begins again. You can’t purchase followers without purchasing likes, but you can purchase likes without purchasing followers. Just consider how it would look to a user, you need to make sure that your account looks legitimately popular to ensure an organic increase.

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