Huawei P50 Is Set To Launch On July 29th, But You Won’t Be Able To Get It Now

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Months after the fact than anticipated, we currently know the Huawei P50 launch date. As uncovered by Huawei’s President, Richard Yu, it’s set to appear on July 29 alongside some different gadgets. It’ll be available only in China for now, so you won’t be able to get it just after the launch.

The launch comes barely a year since Huawei reported its P40 series, yet the dispatch of the P50 has been a long way from certain. US sanctions set on the organization over public safety concerns have genuinely affected Huawei’s capacity to deliver its own Kirin Chipsets, making questions about its capacity to deliver new leader gadgets. “For reasons you are largely mindful of, a dispatch date has not been set,” Yu said when he prodded the plan of the P50 during a dispatch occasion last month.

These chip difficulties, joined with sanctions that mean Huawei can no longer preinstall Google’s applications and administrations on its gadgets, have disintegrated Huawei’s share of the overall industry. Worldwide it neglected to rank in the best five smartphone sellers in the second quarter of this current year (subsequent to being the greatest in a similar quarter the earlier year), and surprisingly locally in China Oppo overwhelmed it to turn into the country’s most mainstream smartphone brand in January.

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