iBall Sound Star BT9 Compact and Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review – 2020

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Ratings: 4.1 out of 5


iBall Sound Star BT9 Speaker is best portable Bluetooth speaker with a compact and stylish design with a piano shiny finish for a sturdy and robust look along with a classy and elegant touch. The powerful and loud bass it has, gives you a great sound experience. The speaker is designed to suit your active lifestyle and you can carry it easily to your parties or even outdoor activities. With this Speaker, enhance your activities while enjoying and listening to your favorite tracklist.

iBall Sound Star BT9 Speaker has built on its strong look providing Passive Bass Radiator and Dual drivers to provide a dynamic depth to the music. This portable Bluetooth speaker features multiple input options such as- Bluetooth, USB, Micro Sd card, FM Radio, etc. It has built-in Microphone for Hands-free calling which makes you attend your calls easily and using the speaker you can reject or answer incoming calls with just a single press of the button. You can use Aux Thump Out BT enabled devices with high-quality sound. If you get bored with your playlist you can switch to your favourite radio stations Built with built-in FM radio and have a great experience.

iBall Sound Star BT9 Speaker provides rechargeable battery which maximizes your usage of the speaker. This lasts up to 5 hours and when the battery is out of charge you can recharge it up to 3 hours. The Lithium Battery has 2.6 watt-hour energy content making batteries fast charging.


  • It features built-in microphone for Hands-free calling
  • It has options of USB, Micro SD and Aux Input


  • It does not produce good or very loud audio output when compared with other speakers
  • It has inferior FM reception

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