LG Notebook patent appears on WIPO hinting work in progress; may arrive with Wide display, side-by- side keyboard, touchpad and Numpad

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LG, the tech giant is now working to bring the LG Notebook as the company issues the patent. The patent is issued to the Korean company by the WIPO showing the concept design of the multiple displays laptop. Moreover, as per the patent on the WIPO, there is design that showcases that the keyboard will be little smaller than the normal previous laptops. In addition, the design shows that it is flanked by two display on either sides.

LG Notebook patent filed on WIPO

The company is now working on the latest design of it upcoming LG Notebook. Moreover, the patent reveals that the displays will be the multifunctional. The WIPO patent says that the design is the laptop computer with functional touch pads on both sides of the keyboard. In addition, the design shows the touchpad on the subject design converted to a numeric keypad. And a functional pad that can adjust the volume, screen brightness, and more. The letters, numbers and icons on the functional touch pads and the broken lines. In addition, it indicates portions of the article that form no part of the claimed design.

Moreover, the design suggest the two displays flanking the keyboard could be the multifunctional. The one on the right there is panel that works asa trackpad also double as a numeric keypad. And the left, could be for various controls including brightness adjustment, volume level, and many more. In addition, the multiple display laptop design is different in appearance on how the Asus implement its dual-display laptop layout. Furthermore, the patent suggest that the device will have wider display with shorter height, but with longer base length.

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