Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Review – 2020

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Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic earbuds are, without a doubt, one of the best earphones in the market now, so such promising earphones are very recommended with long battery life.

This is one of the older models of Xiaomi-MI earplugs and is very good and is a bang for the buck too. you can use it everywhere but is really made for the gym users. It has nice ear tips and tends to attach to the ear cavity very well and is rather relaxing after you leave it for a while. The holder or you may call a hook, are really good and actually works, unlike other headphones where it is just for show.


  • This sort of sound quality is very rare to find.
  • This will be great to listen to music and play games all the usual daily use.
  • This is an in-ear earbud with a fantastic sound signature.
  • Not very popular but is very good and is easy to handle.
  • This is one of those earphones which are very light, and you will never feel that it is on if you leave it for a while and let it settle.
  • You can use this for long sessions of music, and you can isolate yourself in this easily if you are traveling and there are loud irritating noises.
  • The best thing is they have performance drivers with a good sound signature, so they enhance every frequency so that it gets audible.


  • No flat wires so entangle a lot
  • If not handled properly tends to lose sound in one of the buds
  • The battery is not very long-lasting but stays only up to 5 hours
  • Very fragile and is delicate.
  • Its is a hustle to connect and is extremely confusing

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