5G trial by OPPO India with Jio for Reno 6 series

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You might be knowing that JIO and other telecom companies have started 5G trials in certain cities across India. However, OPPO India announced that the company has conducted a 5G trial. Moreover, this trial was in collaboration with JIO telecom for Reno 6 series. Since Reno 6 series supports 13 5G bands that help to yield positive and successful results. The company admitted the success of this 5G trial done with Jio in its 5G lab.

The company states that the Reno 6 pro has 11 5G band whereas the Reno 6 supports 13 5G band. Moreover, this will accentuate the development of 5G devices in the country and other parts of the world. The company reveals Reno 6 series 5G smartphones on July 14 and the first sale started on July 28. Moreover, the Reno series smartphone is now readily available with a price range of 29,900 to 39,990.

The vice-president and head of OPPO India, Tasleem Arif gave a statement that Oppo India is working with great efforts to increase and level up the deployment of 5G for all. Moreover, Tasleem Arif quoted that “our 5G standalone network trial for the Reno6 series with JIO is part of our in-depth research in the 5G era towards ensuring a better experience for the Users. The successful validation of Reno6 series devices on the 5G SA network of JIO is testimony to our commitment as a company to bring cutting-edge technology to our customers”.

Moreover, In 2020, Oppo India established a 5G innovation Lab at its Hyderabad R&D center. It was done in order to develop technologies essential to establish the 5G ecosystem. Therefore, we will soon witness the best 5G technology and connectivity in our country giving unmatched performances.

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