Apple trying a new assembly process for iPhone 13 camera modules

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Apple is going to launch its new iPhone 13 series next month. There is already so much information about this phone on the floors as it is expected to have one of the biggest upgrades of this year. Now, there are reports that Apple is also employing an all-new production process with the camera modules. The report says that this time instead of Apple, Foxconn will be assembling the camera modules on the new iPhone 13 models.

Moreover, this decision will mark a big change in its prevalent production process for iPhones. Before this, Apple used to supply Foxconn with completed camera modules. And then Foxconn would add these modules to iPhone models at the time of assembly. However, the company is reportedly purchasing pre-assembled double and triple cameras from its supplier LG Inno Tek and sharp. Moreover, Apple will then send these to Foxconn for smooth assembly. The company is choosing this new process so as to save the manufacturing cost.

Furthermore, the report says that the recent deal was by Hyvision System for the camera module inspection equipment. Additionally, it states that Hyvision System will now supply the equipment to Foxconn. The deal was approved by Apple citing the aforementioned changes to its assembly process. Moreover, these kits by Hyvision will help with the perfect alignment of the wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto camera’s optical axis. As per the reports, an incorrect axis of the sensor can result in ‘What the customer sees through the camera and the picture taken to be different.

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