Bubble Soak Technology of Washing Machine

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Before going into the details of what has changed in washing machines technology or you can say what is this bubble soak technology ,let’s first understand how this machine makes our work easy by sharing our labour of doing such a difficult task which is cleaning piles of clothes for us.

Knowing how the washing machine works :

a) Parts of a washing machine

All washing machines have the same basic components: a waterproof container called a bathtub; a drum, which fits inside the tub, to hold the wash; electric valves to allow water in the bathtub; temperature factor to increase water temperature; electric drum turning motor; drainage pump; and a diversification control system. Once you understand how the various components work in the washing process, maintaining and repairing your machine is very easy.

b) How does a program developer work:

The program builder is the washing machine brain: once you have selected the desired set of types of fabrics for the laundry load, the program builder takes over.

Every program builder is allowed the same features: the amount of water taken by the inlet pipes (meaning how far the clothes fall when they fall over the drum – and therefore how hard they hit the water); the temperature of the water solution and bath; how long the drum turns during the wash and sequence of cycles and how fast it turns.

The manufacturer also controls the operation of the pump to discharge the machine at various points in the washing cycle.

c) What happens during the bath:

  1. Setting up the system controller and changing the machine activates the entry of doors: when the door is closed it cannot be opened until the system is finished.
  2. As soon as the door is locked, the process begins. The access pipes are open, allowing water to enter the tank. Along the way it passes through a washing tray, a collection of flour or liquid.
  3. The water that enters the tank pressurizes the air in the pressure chamber. This pressure is transferred along with the flexible pressure tube to the pressure switch, which converts the inlet valves at a fixed water level.
  4. The heating element comes to increase the water temperature to a set level. Thus reduces the time when the heat is turned on.
  5. The motor is started, the drum is driven around 55rpm. This is the best speed for washing clothes: they stick to the tank to the top of the transition and then go back to the cleaning solution.
  6. The motor is turned off and the pump is turned on with dirty water from the bathtub with a lint filter and drainage pipe. After hot washing, the cold entry valve can be opened first to cool the fabrics slowly and protect them from damage.
  7. The pump is turned off and the cold valve opens to start the cleaning cycle. Repeated sequence begins filling the tub at a fixed level, rotating drum and drained water.
  8. At the end of the final cleaning, the spin cycle begins. The motor is lit, turning the drum at high speed. At the same time the pump is removed to remove water from the clothes.
  9. The motor is turned off. After a delay allowing the drum to stop rotating, the door is locked. The system is complete and the door can be opened.

Bubble soak technology :

Bubble Wash produces bubbles by dissolving air and water purifiers before the start of a normal cycle.Bubble technology uses detergent early and very fast in the washing cycle using the Bubble Generator, quickly mixing a small amount of water with air and detergent (works with powder, tabs or liquid cleaners). This creates a bubble in the drum before introducing the basic water infiltration, and the cleaner incorporates bubbles into the fabric much faster and more efficiently than the standard washing system, which brings cleaner performance especially in very cold heating cycles.The lower the water temperature in this cycle, the greater the impact of using the bubble soak compared to conventional systems, this allows for more use of cold bath cycles and helps save energy. In addition, since detergent has been helpful in finishing well at the beginning of the cycle, there is no need to worry about soap residues.


  • Detergents dissolve very quickly as they are less susceptible to natural surface water tension whereas conventional washers require more time to mix water and detergent.
  • Many small blisters from this mixture increase the friction between the dirt and the fabric, allowing the cleaner to penetrate more quickly. These blisters help to remove stains even at low temperatures.
  • The solution, in the form of a bubble, is absorbed about 40 times faster.
  • The time and energy that could be spent on heating water, or immersion before washing can be saved.
  • Washing can be done at 15 degrees Celsius, which uses about 70% less energy than a hot wash
  • The washer also better protects functional or sensitive fabrics, which are becoming increasingly popular.
  • The washing of bubble soak technology removes dirt and stains without damaging the ability to disperse water

Besides this new bubble soak technology.Here are some good features to look for whenever next time you will buy your brand new washing machine:

Washing machine features to check:

Cottons and synthetics :Many washing machines have their own systems for both cottons and synthetics, usually with different temperatures. There can be one or two layers of cotton with high temperatures, while synthetic materials are washed at low temperatures – 40 ° C or below – and at low spin speeds.

Wool / sensitivity / hand washing :These gentle applications use low heat and low spin speed to prevent the clothes from getting damaged – it helps if you have a lot of sensitive things to wash.

Sports: Designed to clean microfiber clothing, remove sweat stains and odors, this mode works by using a long bath cycle at low temperatures. With some machines you can even wash your sports coaches.

Quick Wash Complete: When you need clean clothes immediately, some machines offer a quick program that works in less than 30 minutes. However, quick washing methods allow only a small amount – around 2kg – to be washed at once. Some washing machines have a full wash option, but this is only for slightly soiled clothes.

Half load: A quick and cost-effective way to wash a few things.

Simple iron / anti-crease: A useful option if you are constantly experiencing heavy ironing, this mode helps prevent wear during washing by reducing the spin cycle or slowing the spin speed.

Anti-allergies: By using smoke or high temperatures, this program removes allergens and germs from your laundry.

The economic mode : It automatically lowers the washing temperature to help reduce energy consumption.

Flexible spin speed : It allows you to adjust the spin speed to protect sensitive objects.


In this age of constant change,we expect best from whatever we come across even if it is a washing machine.So next time when you decide to bring home your brand new washing machine,look for this new kind of cleaning feature that you have across in this article(bubble soak) and additionally look for features that are mentioned in this article.

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