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Facebook ratings are continuously dropping from 4.1 to 2.6 in play store and fall up to 3.6 in app store. In Past few days users from all over the world are showing their discontentment towards the American social media giant Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, dumping all their hatred for Facebook in Facebook application in play store.

This all have its background from current pandemonium between middle eastern countries, where the tension has been rising over the eviction of Palestinians from land claims by Jewish settlers. Overall its all the matter of serious concern however there is some underlying info that Facebook is supporting Israel and trying to prove their ideologies real.

Come let’s know why Facebook’s rating going down just in a few days!


As we are aware of Israel’s recent attacks over AL-AQSA and the resulting casualties have raised resistance and agony around the world. This whole incident started in the month of Ramzan, considered as the most sacred month of Muslim. The incident was condemned al over the world especially by the people of same community.

Here in, where Facebook jumps in the arena, coming up with a page named “Jerusalem prayer team”. Facebooks provided massive auto-like (7 million) and followers to this page without even letting the followers be aware of. This act reflects the propaganda of Facebooks to establish the narrative of Israel’s people.

After that when the story rolled out and soon get discovered by the public, they started to unlike and report the same. Now the myriad of reports is so high that the company is complied to remove the page instantly. All that remains now is broken links and screenshot.

This is not over yet people from all over the world (especially Muslim) started to give Facebook a 1-star rating over play store. This started to affect the overall rating and Facebook instantly drops from 4.1 to 2.6 and still goes on.


Facebook, being one of the renowned companies of the world, is not expected to allow such a kind of act in its platform. One’s main objective is not to take sides but to establish peace between the countries. However this negative rating scene will go on and this could negatively affect the image of Facebook around the world

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