Yamaha F310-TBS Right-Handed Acoustic Guitar Review – 2020

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Yamaha F310 has been in the market for a while and this has proven to be one of the best guitars in the hands of a professional guitar player. Professional or not you are surely going to love the sound of this one. The body is big and well measured to give the best and the perfect sound that you desire. With that comes the reliability of Yamaha which guarantees the best experience. Apart from that, the wood quality is good and the pre-installed strings are really good. The neckline is nice and sturdy and for chords, it is very good. The frets look well made and produce the perfect sound. The keys are of metal and are very smooth to tune with. The bridge is placed correctly and is strong and can withstand strings for a long and may not need replacement sooner. Overall this is a great guitar and there is almost no flaw. You can easily use this for small concerts and small room parties. The ones who want to learn this is a great start too, although this is a guitar is for more professional players.


  • The guitar sounds good
  • Very reliable
  • Extremely well built and well-polished
  • Can be played by anyone
  • Body depth is 96-116 mm deep (3 3/4-inch-4 9/16-inch)
  • Fingerboard width (nut/body) measures 43 millimeters (1-11/16-inch)
  • Top material used Spruce wood
  • Back material used Meranti
  • Side/Rib material used Meranti
  • Country of Origin is Indonesia


  • Almost no cons.

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