Google Is Providing An Extra Year Of Free Repairs For The Pixel 4 XL Due To Power Concerns

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If your Pixel 4 XL is out of warranty and is having issues, you may be eligible for a free repair. Google has published a support page for the larger of its two 2019 flagships, offering a “one-year extended maintenance programme.” After their original warranty expires, those who qualify can get a free repair for up to a year. Google cites “some power-related issues” as an example of who is covered by this initiative.

More specifically, the firm claims that the following issues “may” be repaired for free:

  • A Pixel 4 XL that will not turn on
  • The Pixel 4 XL randomly restarts or shuts down without any user intervention.
  • Problems with the power adapter’s charging
  • Issues with wireless charging
  • The battery on a Pixel 4 XL is depleting “significantly faster than it was earlier in its use,” according to the manufacturer.

There are a lot of different methods to be eligible for the repair programme. However, Google warns that if your phone has other serious issues (such as a cracked screen) that “prevent” the free repair, those will have to be fixed first – and for a charge.

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