Hover Venus Natural Acoustic Guitar Review – 2020

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Hover Venus is rather a new company which is a bit inexperienced in the field of guitar but is very popular for making good low budget guitars. The neckline is nice and sturdy and for chords, it can be said it is nice. The frets look well-made and produce the perfect sound, but the bridge makes a vibration that is a bit annoying. The body is fine and does not look measured, but still manages to give the best and the perfect sound this guitar is capable of at this price. This guitar tries to give you the best experience you want and can get. Apart from that, the wood quality is fairly good for the price and the pre-installed strings are not that good, you may have to replace it immediately because they don’t last long and start hurting your fingers. The keys are of metal and are not very smooth to tune with, they may get worse over time but even at the time of its brand-new condition, it is not that impressive. The bridge is placed correctly and is okay, and doesn’t look to withstand higher gauge strings for a long and may need replacement sooner or the neck may give up.


  • It has a truss rod which is rare in this price point
  • The neck looks strong, can’t take higher gauge strings
  • Nice body and nice fret placements
  • Comes pre-installed with strings
  • The built is fair and the finish is okay, not very impressive though
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • The strings which come pre-installed is not that good and may need replacement
  • The nylon cover which comes in with the pack is not good at all.

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