Ibanez GRX-40-TFB 6 Strings Electric Guitar Review – 2020

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Ibanez has been in the game for a long and every learning musician wants to have a guitar of Ibanez and this is one which can be used for the beginners and for who wants to go a step further. The sound quality is really good and blues and rock can be smoothly played without any sound of hiss or hush. The maple wood fretboard is just the one for every guitar because it is strong and very reliable, its just a bit harder to clean because the maple wood has pores and it needs some care. It once used to come with a cover pre-included but the quality wasn’t so good so they have discontinued, but you still have the option of adding a bag. The bag is very flimsy and can not withstand the weight of the guitar for long so it is better to get a cover. This is one hell of an electric guitar and also its Ibanez so it was extremely trustworthy.


  • Very good sound quality because of great pickup preinstalled
  • Neck material used – Maple neck
  • Body material used – Basswood body
  • Fretboard composition – Rosewood fretboard with white dot inlay
  • Fret size – Jumbo frets
  • Bridge format – Fat 6 bridge


  • This is more for the intermediates somewhere between beginners and the semi-pros, not very good for the ones who are pros.

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