iPhone 14 series leaked battery details; iphone 14 would have bigger battery than its predecessor

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Apple is working to bring the next iPhone after launching the iPhone 13 series. Moreover, the company may bring the iPhone 14 series in market on September 13. However, there is approval from the company on the launch dates. In addition, the series includes iphone 14, iphone 14 Pro, iphone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are reports suggesting that the upcoming 14 Max would replace the iPhone 13 Mini. And, now in the recent development, there is latest leak revealing the battery details of the upcoming series.

iphone 14 series leaked battery capacities

The company is soon to launch the upcoming iPhone 14 series. Moreover, there are reports suggesting that the upcoming devices will get bigger battery this time. But, the report reveals that the most premium device iPhone 14 Pro Max will get smaller battery. In addition, the tipster shares the details via Baidu that the vanilla model iphone 14 will arrive with 3279mAh battery. And the iPhone 14 Pro will get 3200 mAh battery. However, in comparison the previous iphone 13 has 3227 mAh battery and the Pro model has 3095mAh battery. Thus, this time company focuses to bring bigger battery sizes. Furthermore, the tipster also reveals that the premium devices iphone 14 Pro Max will house 4323 mAh battery which in comparison is smaller than its predecessor.

Moreover, there are rumors hinting that the series will have iphone 14 Max as the replacement for iphone 13 Mini. This upcoming device will house 4325mAh battery having the biggest battery in the series.

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