Microsoft Announced Windows 365, A Cloud PC Platform That Allows You To Access The Operating System From Any Device

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Windows 365 is a brand-new method to get a full-fledged Windows operating system from anywhere, whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.On Wednesday, Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 365 at its virtual partner conference Inspire 2021.Starting August 2, businesses will be able to use Windows 365.

The new service brings the concept of a cloud PC to life, and it’s Microsoft’s newest solution for the remote working environment that exploded in popularity during the coronavirus outbreak last year. Windows 365 is intended to provide a comprehensive computing experience on any device with an active Internet connection, whether through a native app or a Web browser.

You will be able to use Windows 365 while switching between numerous devices thanks to the Microsoft Cloud connection, and you will get the same experience regardless of the device. Because the service is hosted in the cloud, there will be no performance changes when switching from a high-end device to a more basic one.

Although Microsoft already offers Azure Virtual Desktop to commercial clients who wish to run Windows in the cloud, Windows 365 is aimed to make virtualization possible without the requirement for IT support.

If a company has IT administrators, Microsoft claims that they can manage and deploy cloud PCs based on Windows 365 using the same tools that they use to manage and administer desktop PCs. The Endpoint Insights dashboard, which provides analytics and access to network-wide Internet connection status, is also included with Windows 365.There’s also a new Watchdog Service that allows IT pros to run diagnostics.

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