10+ Mind Blowing NFT Statistics & Facts You Should Know in 2022

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The NFT marketplace may seem complex for outsiders. The usage of blockchain technology for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may sound like an odd concept, but they’ve expanded hobby over the last 12 months. This has led to a few fascinating NFT information and traits that you may examine extra approximately right here. NFTs are a fantastically new concept, and many people are still trying to get their heads across the underlying elements. Here is a list of the most vital NFT facts to present you with a higher idea about some of the potentially rewarding developments.

General NFT Statistics

1. Nearly $41 billion well worth of crypto become spent at the NFT marketplaces in 2021 (Chainalysis)

Consistent with NFT stats compiled by using blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis Inc., the NFT marketplace grew to almost $41 billion in 2021, last in on traditional art income. In 2020, traditional artwork and antique income amounted to $50 billion.

The ultimate gap can be explained through the growing recognition of NFTs and auction house closures throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. NFT trading extent rose by 704% between Q2 2021 and Q3 2021 (CNBC)

The NFT growth became hard to overlook in the course of 2021, with eightfold profits in quarterly buying and selling volumes among Q2 and Q3. The price of all international NFT transactions inside the third zone hit $10.7 billion, in step with NFT market stats.

3. Crypto punks account for five of the 20 most significant NFT sales (exploding topics)

The Larva labs’ introduction, Crypto punks, operates on the Ethereum network. Those are extremely popular because they’re uncommon. Crypto punk #7523, for instance, was offered for approximately $11.8 million, at the same time as Crypto punk #3100 sold for $7.7 million – the fourth and fifth biggest NFT income.

4. The maximum price NFT Meme sold for $4 Million (Influence marketing hub)

Doge, a picture of a dog breed from Japan, is also one of the most famous memes. This Dogecoin is also considered the most expensive NFT meme, which is nearly sold at $4 million on Zora in June 2021. In September 2021, this Dogecoin was nearly cut up into 17 billion portions. After that, almost 20% of the coins were auctioned.

5. Over 40% of Millenials collect physical items (Morning consult)

The collection of physical objects as an interest or for funding follows a comparable fashion to NFT collections. Yet again, Millennials are the most frequent collectors, with 42% of Millenial respondents claiming to collect physical items.

6. Nigeria is expected to have the most important boom (21.7%) in NFT adoption (Finder)

The wide variety of Nigerians who own NFTs is expected to grow from 13.7% to 35.3%. First-rate increases in NFT adoption prices also are forecast for Peru (14.5%), Venezuela (13.5%), and Colombia (11.9%). Inside the US and UK expected boom fee is three.nine% and 3.3%, respectively.

7. People who earn much less than $25,000 in line with yr put money into NFTs at a similar rate as the ones earning over $150,000 (CivicScience)

Each lower- and top-profit folks proportion a passion for buying NFTs. But, folks that fall inside the intermediate earnings bracket (among $25,000 and $150,000 per 12 months) look drastically less excited, with 94% saying that they’ve no hobby in NFTs at all.

8. NFT income Amounted to over $2.4 Billion within the first six months of 2021 (influence marketing hub)

Information by DappRadar famous that the sales for the primary half of 2021 introduced as much as $2.47 billion. Though, NonFungible.com estimates this at only $1.three billion.

Whichever records you examine, it’s billions of bucks and an enormous growth compared to the previous 12 months. In 2020, the NFT income for the identical period introduced up to “best” about $250 million, according to Cloudwards.

9. Taco Bell launched 25 NFTs (influence marketing hub)

If bands can promote NFTs, so can also speedy-food chains. In March 2021, Taco Bell became the primary fast-meals chain to promote NFTs. “NFTacoBells” comprised 25 portions of digital art, which had been bought in much less than a half-hour on Rarible.

The piece that received the best bid changed into sold for extra than $3,500. All the profits went to Taco Bell’s stay Mass scholarship.

10. Ethereum’s electricity consumption is like that of Hungary and Qatar (CBS)

Ethereum presently consumes 44.94 terawatt-hours of electrical power, that’s equal to the yearly intake of several nations. It also releases more or less 21.35 metric tons of carbon dioxide every yr, which is equal to Sudan’s carbon footprint.

11.  20,000 NFT customers have been inside the market in a single week (young and the invested)

In February 2021, the weekly energetic wallets rose above 10,000 for the primary time because of 2017. In March, the range hit 20,000. The weekly activities of this NFT were almost labeled between the range of 8,000 and 12,000, which is normally triple the variety of lively weekly wallets in the year 2017.

12. Greater than a third of E-sports lovers are interested in NFTs (influence marketing stats)

In March 2021, a total of 2,200 respondents was surveyed regarding their interest in gathering NFTs. This can be considered as a hobby or a form of investment. The outcomes found out those e-sports activities fanatics had been the maximum interested in collecting NFTs.

Slightly over 20% stated that they had been very involved, at the same time as 35% showed that they have been rather interested.


As you can see, although the initial wave of the hobby has died down, the NFT space still has plenty of room for increase. On the side of probably interesting destiny, use cases for the generation (like owning land or gaining access to extraordinary activities). One thread that ties many of these NFT statistics collectively is the reality that NFTs largely appeal to more youthful generations. Which also bodes nicely for destiny growth.

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