OPPO introduces new Camera Tech; 85-200 mm continuous optical Zoom Tech, and many other

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In the event launch, Oppo announces that they are introducing multiple new camera innovation technologies. These upgrades are primarily around smartphone camera sensors, modules, and algorithms. Moreover, the brand states that they are focusing on self-development and optimization of underlying imaging technologies so that users may capture the beauty in life with ease. The newly announced camera innovations include Oppo’s new RGBW sensor, 5-200mm continuous optical Zoom, Five-axis OIS technology, and next-generation Under-screen camera.

Oppo introducing new Camera Technologies

Oppo announces a new RGBW sensor at its launch event. This new sensor will enhance light sensitivity with improved color performance. The process behind this is that the sensor becomes capable by introducing additional white sub-pixels, DTI technology, and Oppo’s self-developed 4-in-1 pixel algorithm. Moreover, this new sensor will also make portraits more expressive in both photos and videos. The company will commercially release this new sensor in Oppo products from Q4 2021.

Talking about the second innovation, the company unveils its new 85-200mm Continuous Optical Zoom module. This uses glass + plastic technology. There is also a tunnel Magnetoresistance Sensor (TMR) that allows lenses to move with more precision and stability. There is also an upgraded guiding shaft motor. This increases the dynamic tilt at which the lens system can be moved. Moreover, the company claims that its new optical zoom technology avoids problems such as jumping, white balance inaccuracy, or color bias.

Furthermore, its next innovation is a Five-axis Optical image. This allows the system processor to receive movement data from the gyroscope,. Thus, analyze and break it down through algorithms. In addition, the company claims that this technology will offer three times better stabilization than the traditional tech on mobile phones.

Lastly, the company introduces its new Under-screen camera tech. The OPPO claims that the new algorithmic compensation tech precisely controls the chromaticity and brightness with deviation only about 2%. In addition, the Oppo’s research team has also developed series of imaging AI algorithms. Thus, it will optimize the quality of under-screen camera.

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