Oppo patent Filing Reveals Screen Sound Producing Technology

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Oppo always amazes with its new smartphone technologies and is always ahead of the vendors. We have witnessed several major innovations in the last decade regarding smartphone displays, cameras, and batteries. Oppo is one of such brands that is working on futuristic technologies for smartphones and accessories. Moreover, the latest filing by the brand will be taking the display to another level.

Oppo new patent reveals about its new display innovations

The latest patent filing by Oppo reveals that they are going to make a screen that can self-generate audio. The patent CN109062536B filing is now got approval from the Chinese Patent Office this week on August 17. The patent filing reveals a Screen sounding Method technology. This technology is very new and none of the other smartphone brands has yet brought such a device.

However, the filing does not specifically hint at a smartphone display technology. Instead, it mentions it to be a combination of a method, electronic device, and a storage medium that helps with screen sounding. Oppo’s new patent image shows the functionality of the entire setup that generates audio by using all the factors mentioned above. Moreover, it is very clear that the screen will not have specific hardware producing audio from a certain part of the panel.

The report says that with this technology, there wouldn’t be any need for additional speakers for audio delivery. Neither the screen recording will rely on any external audio products for sound delivery. As the patent is approved, the company will soon bring this technology and launch the new smartphone. However, the brand has not given any official statement yet.

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