Realme Buds Wireless Review – 2020

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Realme has been doing some great work with its wireless earphones and it launched its first wireless headphones way back in 2019 but still is one of the best in the market in terms of its price, battery life, and the sound signature. It became one of the best-selling in-ear earplugs with positive user reviews and getting out of stock immediately after its release. There was a great hype surrounding these earphones and Realme Buds Wireless stood to its claims and had a premium design. It is very light in weight earplug which almost feels you are wearing nothing. You’ll get approximately 12 hours of battery life in one charge, as stated, that makes it the sound experience much better. Just with a charge of 10 minutes, you’ll get 100 minutes of music time which is just crazy. It has a fairly large 110mAh battery which charges completely in 1.5 hours, giving a playback time of up to 12 hours which in the real life is only 10 hours, which is still a great deal. 


  • The ergonomic design makes this feel like a premium product.
  • It is made from a fairly high-quality silicon material and the memory wire made of nickel-titanium alloy provides you comfortable long-term music streams. 
  • It has two 11.2mm basses boosted drivers that provides a powerful and deep bass experience with awesome sounding lows and Mids. 
  • It has three buttons and a mic, so you can control your music, calls, and voice assistant directly from the wire, no requirement of taking out the phone. 
  • Moreover, the earbuds are also sweatproof which makes it ideal for gym use, and because of its memory wire its firmly positioned while running. 
  • We surely recommend the realme buds wireless because it is a good overall package and is one of the easiest products to suggest because of its great price.


  • The high in the earplugs id not that noticeable
  • Plastic build

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