Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Earphones Review – 2020

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Samsung is in the earphones game for a while and to be honest, they haven’t done anything good with it in the international market at least. They have their AKG paired headphones, but Samsung has personally made only a few of its own. Samsung Original Level U Bluetooth Earphones are one of them and it is not that impressive. It is an all-plastic built and is known for its well-awarded battery life, but is it that good? The remarks it got on Amazon also show that it has been disliked by a lot of people and also some people liked it. You can totally not say that it is the bang for its buck because you can find better earphones in the range lower than this, but it has some cool features worth mentioning so let’s have a look.


  • It has magnets that clips the two heads together which come in handy and the chances of losing the headphones are rather less.
  • It has been equipped with Multi-point access
  • Provides active pairing with any device
  • This headphone comes with a Bluetooth 4.1 which is rather old but is okay
  • Neckband design to give comfort, but is the worst enemy too
  • It has only 1 Year Manufacturer warranty from date of purchase
  • It is a Samsung so it’s reliable and can be trusted with customer support.
  • It is comfortable inside the ears and gives a nice isolation


  • It lags in the base and mid
  • High treble and it is terrible
  • It is not so much comfort in the neck and feels like a pet net strap
  • The microphone is of extremely low quality and sound leaks are bad
  • The built quality is just not good and the neckband tends to make noise if twisted
  • All plastic built makes it look less premium

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