Realme X3 Pro spotted again, launch maybe soon

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With the confirmation of the Realme X3 superzoom arrival, the platform is witnessing the appearance of the Realme X3 Pro. Moreover, the report says that it is possible that the arrival of the Realme X3 superzoom may be accompanied by the X3 pro. Since both, phones were on the Bureau of Indian Standards website. It is likely to assume that the company is planning to launch these two smartphones under the series- the Realme X3 pro and X3. However, the release details of Realme X3 Superzoom are already out in the market and well-known to everybody. But, you should know about the launch plan of Realme X3 pro.

According to reports on Rheinland Japan Certification, realme is working on a smartphone whose specifications are leak out. The sources say that realme is making a smartphone with a dual-cell battery of 4500mAh. The report also reveals that the smartphone with model number BLP799 will have fast charging with 50W or 65W. However, the name of the smartphone is still a mystery and its identity is unknown. After the launch of the Realme X3 superzoom with a single-cell battery, all eyes are now on the launch of the Realme X3 pro.

According to sources, Realme X3 Pro is on the BIS website along with the Google play console listing. Moreover, in May, the Realme phone was on the Antu Tu website where it got a score of over 600,000. In addition, it was listed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. However, the assumptions were that it was the Realme X3 Pro. Moreover, there were also some leaked images of the Realme phone that indicate the launching of the Realme X3 Pro. Furthermore, the reports show that there may be a high refresh rate on an FHD+ display on the new Realme X3 Pro. Moreover, Realme X3 may soon debut in the Indian market following the other Realme series.

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