Refrigerator Buyer’s Guide in 2021

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Earlier refrigerators were boxy, boring appliances lying around one corner of the kitchen, but today there are many aspects to consider before choosing the best fridge for yourself. Fridges come with various door styles, colors, energy efficiency, and out of the box features. You can make the refrigerator the style statement and entertainment hub for your kitchen.

Here in this refrigerator buying guide, we will help you find the right fridge for your budget and needs.


The price tag is the most significant aspect to consider in mind before making any purchase. Start with an estimation of how much you want to spend. A simple single door fridge will cost you very little but a french door, side by side refrigerator costs almost six times compared to single door fridges.

2.Consider the capacity

The refrigerator comes with a wide range of capacities. You can decide the perfect size for yourself according to your family size, space available to keep the fridge and food you need to store. 20 cubic feet( 150-250 liter) refrigerators are capable enough for a nuclear family, but if you do a lot of shopping go for 30 cubic feet(more than 250 liters). A fridge’s capacity can be measured in liters. For larger families, a bigger fridge makes more sense, even if it costs higher. If you need a fridge for a single person, you can go for a mini-fridge.

Refrigerator between 150-250 liter

Refrigerator more than 250 liter

3.List the features you need

Fridges come with various options. You need to decide what features you want in your device.

  • Direct cooling vs frost-free: In direct cooling, air circulation is carried out naturally without the help of any external assistance. This fridge cost less but uneven cooling causes ice formation in the fridge. Frost-free uses the latest technology to prevent ice formation and cool everything evenly.

Frost-free refrigerator

  • Energy Star Compliance: Energy star refrigerator cost more than regular fridges but keep in mind that they will reduce your electricity bill by more than ten percent and help you to cut down overall costs in the long run. It is environment friendly and aids you to reduce your environmental footprint.

Energy-efficient refrigerator

Features like the ice maker and water dispenser might be helpful, but if you don’t need such features then go for other options, it will also help to lessen the expense.


The function of a compressor is to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator. The general compressor starts the cooling process at a constant pace and only stops when the optimal cooling level is maintained while the inverter compressor can regulate its speed according to the required temperature. Small fridges come with general compressor while medium and large size refrigerator is built with inverter compressor. We will advise going for an inverter compressor, they consume less electricity, produce less noise, and have a longer life span than general compressor fridges.

5.The design

The appearance of your refrigerator must match the aesthetic of your kitchen. Choose a fridge with a neat appearance that perfectly blends with the interior design of your kitchen. Some new refrigerators come with a black stainless steel finish, which is less messy than the normal stainless finish. You can also go with striking colors like red, though such options are frequently not available on high-end types. If you choose an exceptional finish, your kitchen can look distinct from anyone else’s.

  • Stainless steel finish: A shining stainless refrigerator looks smooth and it will give your kitchen a professional look. Choose a smudge-proof finish so that you don’t need to polish your fridge every day. The stainless finish also comes in various variants like regular stainless, black stainless, or warm Tuscan stainless. Black stainless resists smudges and fingerprints better than other stainless variants but most brands create black stainless steel by using an oxide coating to regular stainless which can get scratch easily.
  • Bright distinct colors: Bright colors can give your kitchen a retro look but most of the brands don’t manufacture striking colored fridges for their higher-end models.
  • White refrigerators: White refrigerators will never go out of style and suit every designer kitchen, and the newest white variants can are available in both matte and glossy finish.

White refrigerator

Black stainless refrigerator

6.Extra features to go for

Now fridges come with lots of unique features like

  1. Door in door refrigerator: Door in door refrigerator helps you to grab frequently used beverages and foods without even opening the entire door. That will also help save on energy costs in the long run.

Door in door refrigerator

2.Freshness Specialties: Dual evaporators in the fridge will help maintain higher humidity levels and prevent freezer odors. Air purifiers reduce bacteria and mold spores, and vacuum-sealed drawers can keep food fresher longer.

3.Through-the-Door Ice/ Water Dispenser: This is the most requested feature though its cost and energy consumption is more than regular fridges.

Through-the-door-Ice/ Water dispenser

8.Door Type

  • Mini door/ Single door refrigerator: Mini door refrigerators are more economical and need less space. It is best suitable for some studio’s kitchen or any office pantry.
  • Double door refrigerator: The double door fridge comes with two options i.e. Top freezer refrigerator and bottom freezer refrigerator. The top freezer refrigerator is a great choice if you don’t want to bend down frequently to get what you need. The bottom freezer is best for families who use the fridge more frequently than the freezer.
  • Side-by-side and french door refrigerator: Compared to the wider single-door option, it generally requires less space to open the doors, making it suitable even for narrow kitchen aisles. With a fresh food section on one side and a freezer on the other, the side-by-side design allows for access to all your chilled items quickly and easily. The French door model is essentially an upsized side-by-side fridge with the freezer mounted at the bottom. Just like the side-by-side fridge, the French door design also has lots of large humidity drawers to better retain the freshness and essence of your food and vegetables.

Multi door refrigerator

Single door refrigerator

9.Consider the warranty

Most refrigerators come with a limited time warranty period, we will advise you to go for a brand that offers an additional warranty on the fridge. There is a possibility that an extended warranty might cost more.


Now you know what to consider before purchasing the perfect refrigerator for yourself. You can easily select the perfect model for your desired needs and budget.

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