Users to get bounty offer from Twitter for detecting algorithm bias

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Twitter has revealed to offer cash rewards to the users and the researchers to find out the algorithm bias on the social networking platform. Furthermore, the San Francisco-based tech firm decided to give $3500 bounty rewards.

The officials have organized the “bug bounty” competition open for all the users and researchers. They can participate in it, according to the Twitter Executives named Rumman Chowdhury and Jutta Williams.

According to them, the hacker bounty models motivate Twitter users to detect any issues in the algorithm bias on Twitter. The Twitter team has been inspired by the user and research communities now; they have decided to start such programs to avoid vulnerabilities and focus on providing security to the public using Twitter.

On the other hand, the tech giant plans to start a community that will find out algorithm harm. Earlier, in the year 2021, Twitter has started an algorithm fairness program. Still, the program was scrapped with the automated image cropping system.

The American tech company’s office found the issue in algorithm fairness. Therefore, they decided to scrap it soon. They found that a bias algorithm system was delivered on the messaging platform. However, people faced issues regarding it.

Twitter prepared the plan to ask users to find the issues related to algorithm bias. Soon, things will come on track to remove the algorithm issues from the online messaging platform.

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