10 Video Game Statistics Speak To An Enormous & Evolving Industry

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10 video game statistics speak to an enormous & evolving industry

The video gaming industry has emerged in the 1970s, and from then, it has come a long way. This industry has been aggressively gaining popularity in the last few years from both children and adults alike. From the early days of computer games, this industry has evolved significantly.

Here this article is all about 10 video game statistics speak to an enormous & evolving industry. So, keep reading! Also, if you want to know more about gaming you can check out this website https://10scopes.com/video-game-statistics/.

Top 10 Video Game Statistics

So, do you want to know about 10 video game statistics speak to an enormous & evolving industry? Below we have mentioned the top ten statistics that you should know about this enormous and evolving video gaming industry-

1. The Video Game Industry of the US Brought in 30.4 Billion Dollars in Revenue

In the year 2016, the United States video game industry generated 30.4 billion dollars in revenue from gaming. According to the research of the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), there is only a slight increase in revenue from the previous year, which is in 2015, 30.2 billion dollars in revenue generated from gaming.

The earned income is the total amount of money that consumers had spent on the in-game purchase, software, peripherals, and hardware. Newzoo, the gaming market research firm, has found that in the year 2016, gamers all around the world had spent 99.6 billion dollars in the games market.

2. 2.2 Billion Gamers Had Spent $109 Billion on Gaming

The gaming market research firm, Newzoo published a Games Market Report 2017 that says that in the year 2017, all around the world there are over 2.2 billion gamers and these gamers include who play games on smartphones, Personal Computer, and consoles.

And according to the report of the Newzoo, in 2017, these gamers will spend 109 billion dollars in the video game industry.

3. In 2017 The 42% Share of the Total Games Market Will Be Constitute By Mobile Gaming

It is estimated that in 2017, alone mobile gaming will constitute a 42% market share of the overall games market, which will generate 46.1 billion dollars in total revenue. The market share of mobile gaming was 37% in the year 2016. Most of the estimated market share of mobile gaming comprises smartphone gaming, which is 32%.

Though there is stagnating growth in hardware sales for tablets, tablet gaming will hold steady. And according to the gaming market research firm, Newzoo, over half of the overall gaming market will be constituted by mobile gaming by 2020.

4. The United States Have At Least One Regular Gamer in Nearly Two-Thirds of Households

According to the research of the ESA, the US has at least one regular gamer in nearly two-thirds of households. They include solo gamers, console gamers, smartphone gamers, etc. and all these gamers consist of the huge gaming industry in the United States.

The third of the United States’ overall gaming population is made up of adult women, and by a wide margin, there are outnumbering boys who are mostly 18 or younger than that.

10 video game statistics speak to an enormous & evolving industry

5. In 2017 the Gaming Revenue from Esports Will Reach $700 Million

The video gaming landscape’s more significant part is Esports, and it is estimated that it will be bigger than now in the near future. According to the estimate of Newzoo, in the year 2017, in the esports arena, the different renowned brands will spend 517 million dollars.

Esports has evolved fast and resembled traditional sports in terms of coverage and support, although in the sports world, it was once criticized as illegitimate.

6. The Largest Gaming Conference Held in the Year 2016

In the Year 2016, the Electronic Entertainment Expo had arranged a gaming conference, which is considered as the largest gaming conference in history. There were 70,300 guests presented as physically, and virtually 42 million people streamed at the conference.

The meeting is all about gear demos, new game announcements, and updates on what is coming next in the video gaming industry.

7. There Were Nearly 10 Million Daily Active Users on Twitch

Twitch experienced that there are nearly 10 million daily active users on Twitch, in the year 2016. And more interestingly, many of these users watch game streams.

There are more than 2 million people who create content every month on Twitch and there are over 9.7 million users who stream Twitch content each day.

8. The Virtual Reality Industry Generated 1.8 Billion dollars in Revenue

In the mainstream market, the Virtual Reality industry’s big arrival might happen in the year 2016. It had generated 1.8 Billion dollars in Revenue from gaming markets. So, it is said that the people who invested in it in order to earn revenue were pleased enough.

And, according to a study, the gamers will spend up to $4.5 billion on VR gaming by the end of the year 2020.

9. 90% of Avid Gamers Use YouTube Every Week

To discover new games and tips or watch gaming videos, 90% of passionate gamers use YouTube every week.

Though it is a smaller platform than Twitch, rich and diverse gaming content such as live streams, plays, reviews, reaction videos, etc. has made it a significant destination for gamer people.

10. The Overall Gaming Market Is Constitute of 41% of Women

According to a gaming market research firm, the overall gaming market is constituted by 41% of women. The average age of female gamers is 44 years old.

And 16.2% of the female gamers play video games only for fantasy that they get from the game’s design.

Final Word

For decades, video games have been around us, and this industry is evolving from its beginning. And, these days, billions of people are into video games and use computers, consoles, smartphones, tablets, etc. to play the games. And you will see incredible growth in the gaming industry since these people are dedicating billions of dollars every year in this industry.

Hopefully, after reading this article, now you know about 10 video game statistics speak to an enormous & evolving industry. It will also give you a clear idea about what you can expect in the coming years from this gaming industry.

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