Vivo patents classic and modern phone design: Superzoom pop Up Camera

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Vivo is the first brand that commercializes the pop-up selfie camera. And releases the Nex as the first smartphone of such offerings. However, many other brands following Vivo has introduced their smartphone with the pop-up selfie camera. But, with the introduction of punch-hole display design, the trend of pop-up cameras is fading. Moreover, the patent of this Vivo new design indicates that there are chances that the pop-up camera will again come back to the market. But, there may be some twists and turns in these new Vivo smartphones.

According to WIPO reports, LetsGoDigital releases the news of Vivo getting a patent. Moreover, the report says that the company is planning to design powerful superzoom camera smartphone with a motorized mechanism. The Vivo has multiple sensors in a single module concept that extends in pyramid shape. Unlike Vivo, the other smartphones of this generation have single lenses or sensors for imaging.

Moreover, there is a leak of images that reveals that it has a pyramid-shaped pop-up camera design with multiple sensors. Furthermore, with the presence of multiple sensors, the Vivo smartphone delivers high-resolution clarity with superzoom images. However, the patent report does not show any specifications as far now. Moreover, there are chances that the design is still a concept on paper, and it would take time to prepare physically.

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