Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2021, RedmiBook Pro 2021 receives new update; Enhanced Edition models with an updated processor

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Xiaomi launched the Mi Notebook Pro 2021 in China earlier this year. Along with this, Redmi also releases the RedmiBook Pro 2021 in its home country. Now, after months, these laptops are getting updated with new processors. The company is addressing them as the Enhanced Edition models. Moreover, the Enhanced Edition of these two laptops features the exact same set of specifications as the original ones. These laptops come in two different sizes that are 12-inch and 15.6-inch just like before.

Whats new in this Enhanced Edition model with updated processor

The newly launched Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 2021 Enhanced Edition and RedmiBook 2021 Enhanced Edition offer the same specifications as the previous versions. However, the only difference between the previous and Enhanced Edition is processors. Apart from processors, everything is the same, even the prices are the same. Talking about the difference, the Enhanced Edition model comes with Intel Core i5-11320H and core i7-11390H chipsets. Previously, they had Core i5-11300H and Core i7-11370H chipsets respectively inside the standard versions.

The new Enhanced Edition Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 14 2021 will come with a price tag of $815 for 16GB and 512GB variants. Additionally, i5-11320H, 16GB + 512GB, MX450 costs about $923. And i7-11390H, 16GB + 512GB, MX450 costs about $1076. Talking about Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 2021 Enhanced edition. The i5-11320H, 16 GB + 512 GB costs about $1000. In addition, i5-11320H, 16 GB + 512 GB, MX450 costs around $1077. And i7-11390H, 16GB + 512GB, MX450 costs around $1230.

Now, talking about the price range of the RedmiBook Pro 14 2021 Enhanced Edition. The i5-11320H, 16GB+ 512GB costs $723. Moreover, i5-11320H, 16GB + 512 GB, MX450 costs $815. And i7-11390H, 16GB + 512GB, MX450 costs $923.

However, these prices are already up for pre-order in China for these Enhanced Edition models. But, it’s still unknown whether the company will release these models in the global market.

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