Xiaomi patents Smartphone with detachable folding display; know the details

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Xiaomi is the leading smartphone brand known for its latest technology and unique smartphones. Moreover, the company often applies for number of patents in order to bring innovative devices every now and then. Now, in the recent development, the company grants a new patent offering design of the future smartphone. In addition, the company patent passes in China. The patent highlights unique and innovative upcoming Smartphone with flexible display. Furthermore, the patent suggest that this display could easily detach from the body of device making it detachable folding display.

Xiaomi detachable folding display patent details

The company is planning to work on device with detachable folding display. Moreover, the company grants the patent in China for such innovative device. The patent suggest that the body of the device and the foldable screen panel are detachable. Thus, these can separate from each other whenever users wants. In addition, this flexible display will wrap around and covers the body when it is attached to the device. Furthermore, it means that the display is fully foldable once detached from the device. However, the patent suggest that the display is still usable after detaching from device via wireless data transmission.

Moreover, this patents describes that the display will have capability of basic computing and housing a battery separately from the main housing. Other than this, there is no further details about the upcoming detachable folding display device. However, there is no confirmation that the company is currently working on this device or not. But, there are speculations that the company will soon confirm the details.

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