AC Buying Guide in 2021

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These days, air conditioners have become something of a requirement. It’s not easy to know which one is for you, with a range of choices available.With this comprehensive guide on how to select the right AC for yourself, we have made it much easier for you to buy an AC.

Our target in this AC purchasing guide is to save your cash

as much as possible in an air conditioner’s initial and operating expense.

We will clarify how easily you can select the right air conditioner for your house. Before purchasing your first AC, there are some considerations that you need to understand.The suggested steps to take are here.

  • Deciding on your spendings
  • Pick Form of AC
  • Check the Size of Your Room
  • Look for better AC-rated stars
  • look for AC condenser coil
  • Go with inverters technology

Check for additional relevant characteristics 

Decide your budget

The first step before buying anything, is to determine your budget. In the case of AC, the more price you pay in advance, the running costs will be much lower. For example, buying a 5 star AC will definitely cost you a lot, but it will save a lot of electricity, which is also part of the cost. At a higher budget, you get the latest technology as an AC inverter with a life span of 5 to 10 years. In addition, high-budget AC comes with lower maintenance costs. Therefore, carefully weigh your budget before buying.

Select AC Type

Always understand that your requirement determines what type of AC you need. So there are two types of AC available in the Indian market, namely, Split AC and Window AC. So, here’s how you decide what type of AC is needed in your home.

Split AC?

Separated ACs are usually more expensive than window AC but come with better cooling efficiency. Make no mistake here, it all depends on the bee star rating but the standard AC separation works best as the suction area and window blower AC is smaller in size. Here are some suggestions on why you should choose AC.

  • If your central room is facing direct sunlight
  • If you want to put your ac in the place you like
  • If you need a quiet air conditioner in your room

    Choose an AC split inverter if you are going to use AC for more   than 5 hours daily

Window AC?

Window AC comes 20% cheaper than a separate AC with the same star ratings and saves a lot of energy. Window AC requires a window in your room to install it. Here are some of the official tips for choosing Window AC instead of Split AC.

  • If you have a smaller and smaller room
  • If you need a simple installation without drilling your wall
  • If you need great quick installation and removal

You can’t hear the sound of the Split AC compressor as you sit outside your room. However, you can hear the sound of the Window AC compressor clearly. Also, there is a misconception that a split AC compressor that sits outside can be damaged by rain. However, that is not the case. A separate AC compressor is designed for outdoor use; however, try to keep it dust-free.

See Your Room Size

Okay, now that you’ve decided what type of AC you need, the next step is to look at the size of your room. You ask why? Because the size of the room helps us to choose the right ton (volume per ton) limit.

If you choose the highest tones of AC in your room, you will end up paying the most expensive monthly bills. Alternatively, if you choose tons of low AC, then you will not get enough cooling in your room which is also a waste of money.

See Best Star ratings

The star rating is provided by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) which is the Indian government “Department of Energy Saving”. This star rating is therefore based entirely on ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Effati Ratio) value. Its ISEER value simply tells you how well the appliance uses electricity. In other words, it means that your AC uses only the amount of energy needed to produce the required cooling. A higher ISEER value means less electricity wasted.

Condenser coil type

Every AC has a condenser coil inside the body where the refrigerator flows. The refrigerator needs better thermal conductivity inside the coil so that AC can cool quickly and consistently. That’s why we have to choose the best condenser coil.

The direct answer to this is to choose copper objects. Always choose a coil type of condenser coil than an aluminum type because of its better performance properties. Copper coil is able to transfer heat, is efficient, efficient, running costs, and life time. Copper coil is also resistant to corrosion, easy to maintain, and adjustable. So without the second option, choose the type of copper coil in your AC to enjoy the best cooling efficiency for years.

Go with Inverter Type AC

What type of compressor technology is used by AC, inverter or non-inverter? You see, an AC inverter has more important advantages than a non-inverter AC but it is less expensive. Let’s understand the main benefits of using an AC inverter.

  • Regular Cooling:

The Inverter AC type offers stable, stable operation under adverse weather conditions. It will keep your room temperature and stay strong.

  • Fast cooling:

If you want faster cooling in less than 5-6 minutes, you should consider choosing the AC inverter type over the non-inverter type AC. The speed of the inverter AC compressor type varies with the temperature of your room.

  • Low noise and low power consumption:

It is a great advantage to have a type of AC inverter that uses less power to make efficient cooling and lasts less noise.

  • Long compressor life:

Due to the small load on your inverter type compressor, the age of your compressor lasts a long time for sure.

  • Save extra money:

The inverter compressor does not start or stop the rotating motor, which saves the compressor’s power to start over and over again. Instead, the inverter compressor simply changes the speed of the car as the external temperature. For this reason, inverter ACs keep saving 20% ​​more debt per year.

Examine these additional features

Advanced Air-conditions (AC) comes with some very useful features besides cooling.

  • Noise level:

Always check whether the AC is silent or not. Max 44 dB noise level can be considered quiet.

  • Economic Mode:

It is a simple but useful energy-saving feature by reducing unwanted cooling in the room. Check if your AC has it.

  • Antimicrobial Protection:

Some ACs can remove harmful bacteria and microorganisms to keep air circulation healthy.

  • Auto Off Time:

Most ACs have the function of turning on automatic sleep time from remote (power saving).

  • Wifi Control:

Wifi Control allows you to turn off or turn on your AC from anywhere. You just need to connect your AC to a Wi-Fi internet connection to use this feature.

  • Dehumidifier:

During the monsoon season, get rid of excess moisture in the air with this feature.

  • Auto-Clean Function:

A neat feature which, by keeping moisture

away, will prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms.

You get cleaner, faster cooling and it’s

going to last longer for your AC!

  • Sleep Mode:

        By reducing cooling every hour,you save on power bills.Useful in situations where in the middle of the night the outside temperature drops considerably.


Before buying a new AC for your house, make sure you remember these steps.

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