Apple and LG joining hands for a new deal: Now get iPhone at LG stores

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LG has quit further smartphone productions and back out from the Smartphone industry. Now, Lg will focus only on other sectors of the tech industry. However, this South Korean Company LG will still continue with its retail space. Particularly in its local market, there are more than 4000 LG shops locations. According to the latest reports, Apple might be making use of this retail space by selling its iPhone and other gadgets.

Moreover, LG Company does not wants its retail space and so many retail shops to go to waste. Hence, now the Company is planning to join hands with other smartphone companies. Thus, now LG is sketching to deal with Apple. The report says that the deal between Apple and LG is under process. Apple is aiming to increase its retail presence in the country where Samsung smartphones are dominating the market.

A report by Busines Korea suggests that the deal between Apple and LG could finalize by the end of July-August. This would help to sync with the deadline for LG Smartphones. However, there are many LG shops that would largely benefit Apple to increase its sale and presence in the country. Once the deal comes through, Apple would use the LG retail space not only for selling phones but also for other gadgets. Apple is also planning that Other gadgets such as iPad, Airpod, Apple watches would be available in the market.

However, the delay is due to the conflict that LG is still making laptops, although it’s limited in the market. Considering this, Apple MacBooks and LG laptops are rivals and could not be sold together. Once this conflict solves, the deal will be on the floor. Moreover, there are more conflicts and matters of discussion among the company. These are regarding sales in-country and outside country delaying the deal.

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