Apple is lining up iPhone 13 with a high-quality video and Pro-Focussed Camera

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Every time Apple launches a new iPhone, it has something special and unique within it. Now, Apple is lining up its new iPhone which will have at least three major new camera and video features. Moreover, the company is betting that these features will be key enticements to upgrade from earlier models. Apple first added Portrait mode to the iPhone 7 plus in 2016.

The new iPhone handset will have a video version of the phone’s portrait mode feature. This includes the ability to record video in a high-quality format called ProRes. Moreover, it will have a new filter system that improves the look and color, according to people familiar with the matter. Thus, the camera features may be the biggest selling point for iPhone 13, which may go on sale in the next several weeks. However, the company has decided to unveil it in September.

Apart from the camera, the new iPhone model will have relatively modest upgrades. Earlier this year and the last year, the company upgraded the iPhone design. They added 5G wireless networking and camera hardware updates. In this year’s launch, the company will retain the same 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches regular sizes along with 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches Pro screens. They may retain the design size as well. Moreover, the new phone will have a faster A15 chip and a smaller notch called a display cutout. Additionally, this new screen could also include a faster refresh rate for smooth scrolling.

The Cupertino, California-based company unveils that its new iPhone will launch in September. Thus, with Apple now punching back its office returns by several weeks, the company will have it’s next iPhone launch virtual.

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