Apple Is Rumored To Be Working On An iPad Pro That Will Support Wireless Charging

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Apple could deliver an iPad Pro with wireless charging capability next year.According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is currently working on a new iPad Pro and a new iPad Mini. In order to enable wireless charging, Apple may replace the iPad Pro’s aluminium casing with a glass design similar to current iPhones. With the iPhone 8, the business began adopting glass surfaces on its iPhones, as we all know.

Apple may also make some tweaks to the upcoming iPad Mini. The upcoming iPad Mini will have reduced bezels, according to Apple. It is also considering deleting the tablet’s home button. As a result, the iPad Mini will feature a smaller display. Apple plans to release the new iPad Mini this year, and the design of the iPad Mini has altered for the first time in six years as a result of the redesign.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman claims that Apple is testing the MagSafe technology for the iPad Pro. He also mentions that the business is working on a reverse wireless charging capability, which will allow users to charge other devices using the Pro tablet. Apple is known to have been working on this technology for quite some time. This technology was even reported to be available initially on the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12.

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