Apple showcase Notch-less iPhone on Ted Lasso: Is this the iPhone 13?

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Apple is going to launch iPhone 13 very soon. There are numerous rumors suggesting the specifications regarding the iPhone 13. Moreover, the latest development on this is that bezel-less looking like iPhone appeared on the web series. Ted, Lasso, an Apple TV+ exclusive web series has showcased a bezel-less iPhone. An iPhone that does not have any notch and offers an almost 100 percent screen-to-body ratio. The users on Social media are wondering if this is an upcoming iPhone 13.

Apple under Display Camera Technology

Apple introduced a drastic design change with the announcement of the iPhone X. The company has carried forward that design for the last four years and this is expected to change in 2021. Moreover, the upcoming iPhone 13 series smartphones are expected to have a smaller nitch. However, it will not offer a completely bezel-less design. Though some comments on social media suggest that the bezel-less design is just a sloppy VFX shot. But it may not be true. We believe that Apple has deliberately included that futuristic bezel-less iPhone expected to launch in the next few years. In fact, this futuristic iPhone has a camera setup, similar to the iPhone 12 with a dual-camera setup.


Brands like Samsung and Xiaomi have already launched smartphones with an in-display camera. Thus, Apple is likely to be working on similar technology. Moreover, Apple is likely to be testing these features. And is likely to be fine-tuning them to make sure that the technology is ready for the mainstream audience. Apple might continue to use Face ID. But Touch ID might not make comeback on the high-end iPhones. However, the speculated official placement with this technology is likely to hit the market before the end of 2025.

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