Black Shark Joy Buds revealed by FCC listing; Know battery capacity, colour, design and more

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Black shark, a brand known for its gaming smartphones, seems to be entering the true wireless earbuds segment. The company is entering with the JoyBuds line of earbuds. Moreover, the device appears on FCC website revealing key specs. The FCC listing reveals the JoyBuds images that show their design and colour options. In addition, the design and colour options are also out via FCC.

Black Shark details via FCC listing

The Black Shark JoyBuds can be seen in two colour options in the FCC images: Black and White. As for the design, the earbuds seems to be heavily inspired by Apple’s AirPods, especially the case. The earbuds, on the other hand, are a little more angular than those of the AirPods, and feature accents in green (in Black option) and silver (in White model) hues. Moreover, the case comes with a huge Black Shark branding on the front and a USB C port for charging at the bottom. Further, a LED indicator is located on the front with a setup button on the opposite side, used to pair the earbuds. Also, the case has “DESIGNED BY BLACK SHARK” embossed on the rear side.

Furthermore, the manual suggests that the stem will have touch control sensors and Black Shark branding. The case boasts a 400mAh battery, while each earbud comes with a 35mAh battery. Moreover, the Black Shark JoyBuds bear model number BE18. The user manual also reveals information about the operation of JoyBuds. As per the manual, the earbuds can be powered on just by opening the case. And putting them back in the case to power them off. In addition, the controls can be customised using Shark Space on the Black Shark smartphones. Whereas non-Black Shark smartphone users will be required to download the Shark Arsenal app. The retail packaging would include earphones, a charging case, USB-C cable, user manual and a QR code card.

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