Juarez st38 electric guitar Review – 2020

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This is a very basic and extremely simple guitar. You can say this is for just the beginners who want to learn to play electric guitar and want to make sure they can play guitar before they move on to a better and expensive option. Juarez st38 electric guitar is very good for learning riffs or blues and setting hands-on guitar and practice to make sure you can play well. The wood quality is very good and the neck is sturdy and strong. The sound is good and the pickups are not so much high quality because this is just around 5000 bucks. It’s a very cheap option and an entry-level guitar for you to get the just of an electric guitar, apart from that the built and the polish is a bang for the buck! The guitar is strong and sturdy and very reliable. You can use this for a few years and then you will have to move on to a better option because this wouldn’t be interesting at all. Still, this is a very good guitar and we recommend this. There are almost no cons but a few, lets have a look at some pros and cons.


  • It has great looks with a new advanced design to produce the best quality sound possible.
  • It is a right-handed electric guitar with equipment that is ideal for novices and is ready to use out of the box but may need some tuning.
  • It is made up of linden binding and full wood construction with geared tuning.
  • Comes with steel strings
  • The fingerboard is made of Linden wood
  • Fretboard built material is Ebony wood
  • Shiny and glossy Finish with Maple Neck


  • Well, this is just not that good for playing in large halls for performances and all, it is more for the learners, professionals don’t look for this guitar.

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