iPhone and Mac to use 3nm chipsets from 2022; it elevates high performance

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Apple is going to launch its new iPhone 13 which is going to be an upgrade version of the iPhone 12. The report says that the successor will have many upgrades and specifications bump making it unique in its own way. Apple launching these iPhones have processor architect which is around 5nm for A15 Bionic. But, in the upcoming year iPhone will get a radically better processor that may use 3nm fabrication process technology.

According to DigiTimes reports, TSMC which is one of the biggest Apple chip manufacturers has now started the process of mass-producing the 3nm chipset. These chipsets will be officially on the iPhone 14 and other iPhones coming in the year 2022. Not only the iPhones, the company is planning that from 2022, the Mac computers will also use 3nm process technology on its chipsets. Moreover, Apple has now begun the transition from Intel chipset, so in 2022 there is going to be a successive version of the M1 that is Apple M2.

While these are two pieces of evidence that the 2022 iPhone will use the 3nm chipset. Nikkei last month reported that the 3nm chipset would come first to the iPad, more probably in the Pro model. According to the reports, next year iPhone may feature the chipset fabbed using a 4nm process. That simply means that iPad would get the fastest chips first in the Apple line, much before the iPhone.

Moreover, there are also rumors that next year’s upcoming iPhone will come without ports, Touch ID under display, and a notch-less design. However, these are just rumors which have no official stamps on them yet.

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