Yamaha Classical Guitar C40//02 Review – 2020

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This is one of the oldest and one of the most classic guitars and has been around for a long. People have been using this for beginning guitar classes and learning also some of the very popular songs have been written in this guitar too. Well, if you are looking for the toughest guitar that never gets old and stays the same for eternity, this is the one for you. Sound-wise this is very loud and if correctly tuned can play some great chords and some great leads. Riffs and blues are not very possible in this guitar because they don’t have electric strings instead have acoustic strings. The keys look good and are smooth to tune. The fretboard and the bridge placements are well done. The frets are well placed and the best part is the built is great. For around 100 dollars or 7000 Indian rupees, this is one hell of an investment with extreme reliability and a great instrument.


  • The very good sound signature
  • Extremely sturdy design
  • Very economic built quality
  • Full-size classical designed for beginners and learners.
  • Meranti body wood for toughness
  • Spruce top for a good hold
  • 22.8-inch scale length for the best sound output
  • Dovetail neck joint for rigidity
  • Country of Origin is Indonesia


  • This has almost no cons because this is a very well made and a very balanced guitar for this price range. But just keep in mind that this is the one made for beginners and not for the professionals. Professionals can surely use this guitar too, but their hands would want to play something better.

No doubt this is one hell of a guitar and is very budget-friendly.

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