MediaTek will be first to launch 5G mmWave mobile SoC along with Wi-Fi 7 solutions

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MediaTek is excelling to great extent in bringing the advanced Chipsets and technology for every devices other than smartphones. Moreover, they announces the kompanio series of processor for Chromebook recently. Alongwith, the Pentonic 2000 chip for high-end 8k 120Hz TVs. The company’s maximum revenue generates from the processors for the smartphone. This hints that the Taiwanese company is always on top to cut the competition with its innovative technologies. The company CEO Cai Lixing also reveals that MediaTek will be the first one to launch the 5G mmWave SoC in coming year. Additionally, the device will get pair with a WI-FI 7 solution, this will also launch next year as per the report. Furthermore, the company hopes that this will allow to achieve 10-20% revenue which is lower than the 2021 growth.

Furthermore, the CEO also states that the MediaTek receives the major capacity support next year from its back-end packaging, and more. His statement reads that the post-epidemic era adds many variables to global economic development. And MediaTek will also face any technical challenge including increase in complex design architecture. And more advanced 3nm and 2nm chip manufacturing nodes. Moreover, there is financial report revealing that the revenue for 3Q21 has NT$131,074 million. Also up 4.3% in earlier quarter and 34.7% year-on-year. Lastly, the CEO Cai Lixing reveals that the company becomes among one of the leading companies in the wireless communication chips field. The company is also excelling in the WiFi 6/6E field.

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