OnePlus smartphone arriving with 3C certification website; would arrive with 160W fast charging support, and more

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OnePlus establishes its partnership with Oppo to bring new devices with latest technology. Moreover, the Oppo in the recent MWC 2022 unveils the latest technology of fast charging. The company introduces its 150W SuperVOOC Flash charging technology. Now, the OnePlus in collaboration with Oppo gears up to bring its first smartphone that is arriving with 150W fast charging support. This hints that OnePlus is working two devices that will arrive with fast charger technology. In addition, there are reports suggesting that the device with model number PGCM10 is under process. However, earlier reports suggests that the model number PGCM10 belongs to OnePlus Pad that arrives on 3C certification website.

OnePlus PGKM10 appears on 3C certification website

OnePlus is under process of bringing the device with model number PGKM10 as it appears on 3C certification website. Moreover, the report suggests that the device will have 160W fast charging support and is alleged to be OnePlus Pad. But, there is minimum possibility that the tablet will have 160W fast charging support. Furthermore, there are also report confirming that the company will also bring the device with 150W fast charging support. However, there is no confirm reports regarding the 150W charging support device.

Moreover, the company Oppo brought its first Android tablet Oppo Pad with 33W fast charging support. However, there is very tough to digest that the OnePlus Pad with model number PGKM10 featuring 160W fast charging support. Thus, there are rumors that the device PGKM10 may be OnePlus 10 Ultra.

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