Oppo working on Reno series with multi-directional Camera; Patent by the company

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Oppo might be working on a new Reno series of smartphones featuring a unique camera system. Recently, the company filed a patent for a handset that sports a multi-directional camera module. Moreover, as per the reports, the Chinese smartphone maker files a patent with a WIPO that was approved earlier this week. The patent describes a handset that houses a unique camera module. That module is capable of taking images from the side of the device as well.

Oppo patent for multi directional camera

Oppo Reno telefoon

Looking at the design sketches in patent, the smartphone will feature a rear-facing camera, which is the norm. But, it will have a mechanism that lets its primary sensor also take images from the side as well. Moreover, to take images from the side, the brand has a cut out on one side of the device. This will allow the primary less to basically shift its focus to the side through the use of a mirror. That means the sensor itself does not move. And nor does the phone require an additional sensor that is aligned to the side.

Oppo multi-directional camera

Furthermore, the one practical application of this camera system is that the primary could detect when a particular subject is moving outside of the frame. So the user won’t have to worry about the subject going out of the frame since the side cut out would boost its field of view. As of now, it is not clear that Oppo is actually working on such products. However, the device with such a unique camera system will likely be a higher-end model, that could be Reno series smartphone. But, it’s better to wait for the company’s official words to confirm the news.

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