Realme tablet details are now leaked, super stylish body with great features

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The realme tablet is soon into the discussion as to its specifications and design leak with much detail. However, the realme tablet launch date is unsure and unknown. But, it caught everyone’s attention since it was on the IMDA certification list. Moreover, it got a pass from the Indonesian website certification. Although the launch dates are a mystery, there are rumors that it may release in the market around the third quarter of 2021.

Moreover, the Realme tablet model RMP2103 passed the certification and makers are all set to launch. However, talking about the leaks of the Realme pad, shows that it has an aluminum unibody finish. In addition, it will come in two color finish tones that is gold and grey.

According to the tipster, the front of the realme tablet had thick bezels with a selfie camera at the top. Moreover, it suggests that the display could be 10.4 inches with the single-camera module. The report states that the realme pad supports a feature of a power button on the side along with two speakers. In addition, it will have two more speakers, a USB Type C port, and a built-in stylus holder. Furthermore, the pad also has a volume rocker and a SIM tray.

However, before this, there was once again a leak about the specifications. According to that leak, it suggested that the Realme pad could have an 8-megapixel sensor for both rear and from the camera. Moreover, there was the detail that both cameras could capture images with 2.8mm focal length and a 65.3-degree field of view.

Since the realme tablet is in the IMDA listing and other certification websites, it suggests that this could be the next gadget to be launched by Realme along with others in the launch event.

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