Samsung Galaxy A21 Caught fire in a flight; Leading to Emergency evacuation

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Samsung launched Galaxy A21 a year ago. There are reports that a Samsung Galaxy A21 caught fire in the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines aircraft. This fire went so huge that there was an emergency evacuation of passengers. However, this incident is said to occur earlier this month. The Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone onboard Alaska Airlines Flight 751 burst into flames just after the aircraft landed at its destination, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Moreover, the reports claim that there was so much fire and smoke that there was the need for emergency evacuation despite that flight has landed at the destination.

This is not the first time Samsung is going through this. There was an incident back in 2016, which was not at all pleasant for Samsung. Back in mid-2016, the company faced the embarrassing phase. At that time Samsung flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone started bursting into flames around the world. The issue was later referred to be a battery manufacturing fault. This issue gave Samsung face the uncontrolled bad press and lost almost billion of dollars. Those days, airlines have to put up emergency notices asking users to not carry the Galaxy Note 7 on board aircraft.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 self-exploding in Mid-2016

Hopefully, this time it won’t repeat the same what the company went through five years ago. As Samsung Galaxy A21 is a year-old smartphone, so there are many chances of self-exploding. It includes battery manufacturing issues or some device-specific issues. However, these smartphone companies often give reasons for faulty wall sockets, third-party charging cables, and adapters. Even they list out the improper usage habits for devices developing untimely battery issues. But, till now Samsung has not released any statement from their side on this matter.

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