Samsung Galaxy A50 display, covers, battery and other spare parts price in service center

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Are you worried whether you will get spare parts of your premium smartphone Samsung Galaxy A50 or not. So, this post is here to answer all your worries and confusion regarding the device display, battery, and other spare parts price.

If you are owning Samsung Galaxy A50 then this article is of your interest, as this has every information regarding the device’s orginal battery, display. Alongwith, covers, cameras, and other spare product price and availability in details. In addition, if your device has crossed its warranty period, you may visit Samsung Service center for any issue. But, at this time you have to pay for the labor charges and parts replacement price.

Samsung A50 screen repair price

There are conditions and criteria allowing the free replacement or repair of the device screen. It includes:

  1. Screen is not responding because of manufacturing defect.
  2. There is no damage marks on the screen
  3. Your device is under warranty period.
  4. No wear and tear on the device
  5. Buying slip or warranty card must be there at the time of replacement.

However, if the device is not under warranty period, then there will be charges for screen repair including labor charges and screen cost. In addition, you still have to pay for screen price even if your device is under warranty scheme. But, the service center offers no labor charges on that case.

Samsung Galaxy A50 spare parts price

Price list of Best glass and covers of Samsung Galaxy A50

Accessories Price. Availability
Tempered Glass(premium) Rs 149. Amazon
Tempered Glass( Edge to Edge). Rs 299. Amazon
Back cover (transparent). Rs 89. Amazon
Back Cover ( silicon). Rs 149. Amazon

Samsung Galaxy A50 Display price list

A50 ModelDisplay Price

samsung A50 Combo Folder price

The model Samsung Galaxy A50 Combo Folder will be available on Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy A50 battery cost

A50 ModelBattery price list

Samsung Galaxy A50 Main board price list

A50 modelmotherboard price list
A50 (64GB)6347
A50s (64GB) 7025

Samsung Galaxy A50 Back glass

A50 modelBlack glass price

Samsung Galaxy A50 camera pricing

A50 modelCamera pricing
A50Front- Rs 1528
Back- Rs 3033
A50sFront- Rs 2013
Back- Rs 3393

However, these pricing details may vary as it is subject to change as per the company’s terms and policy. Moreover, the pricings above doesn’t include GST, thus at the time of purchase company may add in your price list. In addition, these pricings are without labor charges. So if your phone is running out of warranty, then the company may add labor charges.

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