Samsung Roller laptop appears on WIPO patent website; would have rollable display and Keyboard

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Samsung is working to bring devices with new technologies consistently. Moreover, the company earlier was working on flexible display smartphone, sliding display phone, slidable display with S Pen support and other new devices. These new devices were previously on World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). And now, there is report that Samsung laptop with rollable display appears on WIPO which is a patent platform. In addition, the patent listing shares a image of upcoming laptop design.

Samsung Roller Laptop on Patent website

The company is now working to bring rollable display laptops in the market stepping technology to one step ahead. Moreover, the upcoming device patents on WIPO revealing the images and details. As per the listing, the upcoming laptop will have roller design hinting that the device will fit inside cylindrical roller. In addition, the images suggest that to use laptop user needs to pull up to bring up the laptop’s screen. And, in order to access keyboard user has to pull forward the keyboard. Thus, once the keyboard is out, it offers complete laptop experience. Furthermore, after work, user may slide down the screen putting the whole laptop components to roller. Thus, user may carry the device in bag like small cylinder roller.

Moreover, this patent design hints that the company may work on many other such laptops in near future. However, there is no report regarding the material the company is using for the laptop. But the details suggest that display will be extendable in two direction. Thus, it hints that it may use flexible screens.

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