Samsung may expand production for its new foldable smartphones

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Samsung Electronics is apparently planning on expanding the production capacity for its foldable smartphones. Moreover, the news arrives as the company’s newly launched Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 handsets see an unexpected demand across the globe. As per the report from the KedGlobal, Samsung Display, the company’s display technology unit, increases its annual production capacity of the foldable panels by 47 percent, marking an increase from 17 million units to 25 million units. In addition, this South Korean tech giant is also planning on expanding its Bac Ninh plant in Vietnam in the second half of this year. This site will seek to reach full operation scale by the end of this year or early next year.

Furthermore, experts believe that after the expansion plan completes, the brand will produce 10 million units of Galaxy Z Fold 3. And 15 million units of Galaxy Z Flip 3 models a year. In addition, the company aims on raising production. Since the demand for its new foldable smartphones was higher than initially expected. Surprisingly, its third generation of foldable phones saw about 920,000 pre-order in South Korea. This number is about 1.8 times more than even its newly launched Galaxy S21 flagship smartphone.

Moreover, there are so reports that the Pre-orders in the US even surpasses the brand’s second-generation foldable phone sales. This sale will be between the month of January and July 2022. The source states that ‘Samsung factories that make foldable devices are already operating at full capacity. Samsung has no option but to expand its facilities. It will likely add three more production lines to its current seven. And allow the company to manage the productions volume more flexibly.

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