Samsung patents folding and sliding display smartphone; know the details

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Samsung is working consistently to bring new foldable smartphone with new concept. The company introduced two foldable smartphones with new concept in which one of them is clamshell foldable display. Moreover, the other smartphone will have opening or closing mechanism. According to various reports, the company is progressing on dual folding screen foldable smartphone as well. In addition, the latest patent by Samsung reveals that they may bring another form of foldable smartphone including sliding display mechanism.

New patent for Sliding foldable display smartphones

Samsung is planning to launch a new slidable display smartphone which will also be foldable. Moreover, there is new leak of the image via the World Intellectual property organization suggesting that the company will be working on smartphone with extended screen. In addition, the users will also have the foldable display at various angle with the help of hinge mechanism without sliding. Furthermore, the sliding display will have the rollable motor below the display. Thus, this will be only with the help of hinge below the screen at its right side.

Moreover, this folding concept will enable to slide and expand the display. Or either convert the display into something like a ‘Flex Mode”.

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