Samsung flexible display smartphone patent on WIPO; know the details

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Samsung tech giant is a leading company that is popular for its latest technology and latest devices. The company is owning the smartphone industry with its latest foldable devices including Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. Moreover, earlier there was report suggesting that the company brings the new rollable or slidable display devices. In addition, the company patents the double folding display with folding camera with S Pen support. And recently, there was patent on WIPO regarding the device with transparent sliding display from the company. Now, in the latest development, there is new patent on WIPO regarding the Samsung flexible display smartphones.

Samsung Flexible display smartphone patents on WIPO website

The South Korean tech giant patents a new Samsung flexible display smartphone on World Intellectual Property Organization website i.e WIPO. Moreover, the website shares the images hinting at its patent details. As per the images, the device will be regular in terms of looks, but it is not Flip or Fold display device at all. However, the device will arrive with flexible display hinting that it is extension of the primary display which is all the way up to mid of the back panel. Additionally, the flexible display will have slidable movements.

Moreover, as per patent, the device will have two housings, a camera module, and a flexible displays. In addition, the first area will have exposure at the front surface of an electronic devices such that electronic device is closed. And, the second area will have extension from first area and exposes at back surfaces of the device.

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