Vivo Patents Detachable In-Display Camera Module; Know more

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Vivo is now working on the detachable in-display camera module. The company receives a patent with World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) regarding an innovative new design that includes a detachable in-display camera module. Moreover, the patent details a design where the camera module itself is detachable like a tiny building block. According to the patent details, the camera module will be attached to a slot at one of the top corners of a compatible smartphone. And, once attached, it remains entirely hidden from sight. This leaves the entire display area available for viewing content. Thus, this is the end result for which every manufacturer is working at the moment.

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Vivo working on detachable camera module

The detachable in-display camera module patent describes fairly detailed schematics. In this, a release mechanism can detach the camera unit from the main body of the smartphone. Moreover, the patent details two moving procedures for the detachable in-display camera module. The first one, the module will rotate outward to serve as a typical front camera. In addition, the unit will be complete with its own lens element. Therefore, it will not be dependent on a tertiary lens attachment or display to serve as the light receptor of the camera. Furthermore, this mechanism may work similarly to the pop-out camera mechanism.

However, the patent does not detail if the detachable camera will feature some sort of buffer memory and signal receivers in it. It is important to say that such design is indeed innovative. But, it isn’t clear if this layout would be functional and practical.

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