Xiaomi leaked patent for rollable display technology in fitness band; know what patent reveals

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As the technology levels up in gadget market, there are always something new cooking up for the users. It include markets such as smartphones, smartwatches, fitness bands and more. Moreover, there is demand of more screen real estate for users to utilise. In addition, there are new technologies for smartphones such as introduction of foldable devices such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Oppo Find N. Along with, there is rollable devices such as Oppo X 2021, and TCL devices with flexible display. Furthermore, looking at the advancement, Xiaomi is now planning to introduce flexible displays for fitness bands as future. Additionally, the company is working on new design for its fitness bands by utilising flexible displays.

In the latest development, there is report suggesting that the company passes its Design patent to develop rollable display fitness bands. In addition, there is image surfacing online of the patent showcasing its design from multiple angles. Moreover, the patent reveals that the patent design is under name of ‘Smart Bracelet’ and kept under wearable category. Additionally, the patent focuses on unique design of the band especially its shape and ergonomic of the smart band.

However, Xiaomi is not only the one that has brought the flexible displays for wearables. Earlier in 2020, Nubia releases the smartwatch with flexible displays rolls up until it wraps the users wrist.

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